The curse of Bela Lugosi’s mirror?

After Bela Lugosi’s mirror came up again on the Ghost Adventures Museum of Madness episode, I looked to see what other information I could find about it. Turns out the answer is almost nothing. Each reference points back to Zak’s original episode from Deadly Possessions.

Going through multiple search permutations doesn’t provide any corroborating evidence for the story surrounding the mirror, nor anything to support Zak’s allegation of scrying, or anything else related to Lugosi’s supposed acts of mysticism. About the only thing you will find is that Lugosi was buried in the Dracula cape at the behest of his family, not by his own wishes.

Considering Hollywood thrives on gossip, scandal and rumor, if there was even a breath of truth to these rumors, they would be plastered all through the sensational media of the day.

As it stands, there is only one source of truth, and several steps removed from being any sort of witness. Further, the story comes on the heels with selling the mirror to an amusement park and a bit of TV air time. Makes you wonder how much of it, if any of it, is true.

It’s certainly possible I missed it, but is there any other source material to support any of these claims? Lugosi was a dash on the famous side. Finding evidence of his supposed mysticism should be easy to find, if it were true. It’s almost as though this story were custom made for Zak.

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  • Ed says:

    Being a fan of both old Hollywood and the paranormal, I had never heard of Bela Lugosi’s mirror either to say nothing about a curse. I had also never heard or read anything about Lugosi being involved in any type of black magic, rituals or so forth. Almost everything about the man simply says he was a quiet, assuming guy who loved portraying Dracula onscreen. As to the scrying aspect – well, that’s almost on par with chanting “Bloody Mary” into a mirror in a darkened room (see: dissociative identity effect, Troxler’s fading, self-hypnosis, etc)

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