The Simpson’s Treehouse of Horror XXIV

It’s not actually Halloween or even after Halloween as is usually the case and The Simpson’s have already broadcast their annual Treehouse of Horror. And it didn’t suck as bad as usual!

My interest in The Simpson’s waned about a decade ago, but I still tune in just to see the Halloween episodes. Personally, I think the show’s been on the decline for years and they’re just phoning in the episodes. The Treehouse of Horror episodes haven’t been any different with the last 4 being especially bad. But, the latest outing wasn’t actually that bad.

While the Fat in the Hat spoof wasn’t bad with a few funny moments. Bart having head sewn onto Lisa made for a couple of laughs , but the circus episode was a little flat. Like I said the benchmark from the previous years is pretty low, so there’s really nowhere to go but up. I mean, they can’t get any worse.

But these new stories don’t hold a candle to the first few seasons. James Earl Jones reading The Raven is a classic. And Pierce Brosnan as the house that wants Marge is good stuff.

Still, I think the Phineas and Ferb Halloween special was better.

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Halloween Gothic Red – A WordPress Theme for Halloween

I like dark themes for Halloween. I also like themes that have red in them. So I put them together and got this beauty! A nice dark theme with a deep red for the menu and sidebar. I also decided to make this a 3 column theme so there is plenty for text in the body and link or widgets on the side.


Download Halloween Gothic Red for WordPress:

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Halloween Gray Scale – A Halloween WordPress Theme

For this theme I decided to go with a monochrome look. The theme itself is black with some silver highlights. I wouldn’t say it’s bleak, but it certainly has a Halloween flair to it. :) It has some nice textures and plenty of garnish going on inside it. It’s a 2 column theme that’s WordPress 3.x ready.

Have fun!


Download Halloween Gray Scale for WordPress:

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Halloween Flame – A WordPress Theme

Here’s another WordPress theme I’ve been cooking up for Halloween. This one features a dark background with an orange sidebar. And for the header we have a massive flame sweeping from right to left.

Of course this is a WordPress 3.x compatible theme so feel free to try it out.


Download Halloween Flame for WordPress:

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